I was ig’nant of the hate. Now I toast the hate. Hate Ashbury, I say. Long Liveth the hater goddess. Dayyyum. Hater Tuesdays. It’s about time”

– Brent Rollins – ego trip

“you fuckin’ rock. my cousin and i have been secretly reading ‘hater tuesday’ and we decided you should run for president”

– a fan named Sparkling T

“I just kept thinking, you know, FUCK EVERY MOTHERFUCKER WHO ISN’T TARA REID. And then I found this place, which is a good place for having those kill-em-all-now feelings about EVERY MOTHERFUCKER WHO ISN’T TARA REID. Because Tara Reid is my lady.”

– Dave White aka DJ Mrs White In The Library With A Lead Pipe