Hater Tuesday Family Archives

I come from a long line of haters. Hating is in my blood. I was taught to identify and chronicle wackness from an early age.  That’s how I became the hater I am today. You can’t just wake up one day and decide to hate like I do. It must be learned. You need a hate mentor. I recently found this little gem in the musty boxes Pops gave to me. There is no date stamp but I’m guessing it’s from 1975-1977. It was def taken by my Dad. He liked it so much he’s kept it for the last 30+ years. And I get it. This is fucking beautiful. I really admire my Dad’s dedication to capturing this moment. He took the picture, developed the film and used it to spread the word that DISCO SUCKS DICK the old fashioned way. He put it in an album and showed it to people. I found it right there next to pictures of my family members, weddings, birthdays, Christmases. It was cherished. Old timey blogged even.  Not entirely sure where this was taken or who’s on that stage but I’d wager it’s a band that sounds real cool on psychedelics and weed.

What was YOUR Dad doing in 1976? Mine was SUPER into gardening.

Yes, I’m Mexican

If you ever doubted my Latino-ness I’d like to enter exhibits A and B.

Exhibit A

1 year old me in nothing but a diaper and baby shoes standing in the dirt with a bat next to a piñata.

Exhibit B

This was taken most likely by my Mom from the balcony of our apartment. I’m standing below in the “front yard.” And yes by front yard I do mean hard packed dirt area. There’s horrible spider-filled ivy beds further up the dirt yard but it’s too dark to see them in this picture. Who let me wear a Midori t-shirt? This is NOT how you dress a child. Oh that’s right it was probably free which means it’s totally cool to wear even if it is inappropriate. At least I finally have an explanation for that one summer I inexplicably spent drinking Melon Ball spritzers.