Open letter to Chef Roble: FIRE YOUR SISTER SON! She don’t know SHIT about event planning or decorating. She’s spending more time crying than she is working. How you gonna have a high end ironic sweet 16 themed NY party for a hipster designer Karin Rose and have it look like this:

Karin Rose glasses start at like $250, bitch is fabulous. It looks like your sister hit the quincinera/boda/fiesta outlet with that homo weed holder of hers,copped 12 inflatable unicorns and a five pound bag of mylar glitter for a hundo and called it a day. I don’t care how delicious you think your food is but NO FOOD is delicious enough to make up for a wack party space. Jasmine needs to go back to planning Sorority theme nights and you need to get yo mind right and hire a goddamned professional. The only thing good about your show is ya boy Che “Gravy” … He can get it.

Can someone explain this fuckery to me? A good (white – not hip-hop knowledgeable) friend sent me a link to this video and was like “WTF? Is this real?” and I gave him a comedic explaination. I thought maybe it was just bad rap (and it is) but the problem seems much larger now that I’ve explored the website. I’m pretty sure this is an ironic comedy rap project for a sincere dancer with no home for his useless craft. It seems he’s doing pretty good business by shilling this schtick to dumb ass white kids in Texas. It’s my hope that this shit doesn’t spread. Now that I am back in love with rap, I’m hella sensitive about what’s happening to it (the bitchmadification must stop!)

I love the expression on this chick’s face tho. She seems as annoyed if not more than I am by this fools attempts to “smang it”

There’s ALWAYS one ho in the group.