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The only thing worse than Indian food is Indian food disguised as Mexican food. The Curry Up Now truck catered my work lunch today. Free food usually tastes better so I checked it out. One bite and my body started rejecting it. I spit that shit right out.  I can’t believe they disgraced a La Palma tortilla with this mess. Blarg.

Burning Man - It’s that time of year again. SF will be emptying out come the weekend but between now and then the city turns into a fucked up gauntlet of urban gypsies, circus freaks and art fags. That’s why I’m bailing the scene for Maui. Fuck Burning Man.

It was a regular Cougar Convention at Outside Lands this year. These photos were taken 5 minutes before this woman was crowned Cougar of the Year. She was escorted by  this super super gay dude who was trying to pretend he was attracted to women. He’s all blurry because he was doing his best impersonation of the Jersey Shore fist pump meets Riverdance action on the dance floor.

People Over 30 taking acid – Consider this a public service announcement for those of you over 30 who may be thinking, “Damn, I haven’t taken acid in like 15 years. Maybe I should do some and see what happens” DO NOT TAKE IT. I’m not speaking from personal experience because I fucking no better BUT I had the unfortunate privilege of babysitting a 37 year old friend of mine recently who decided it would be a good idea to take the acid given to him by a group of Philippino Filipino teenagers.

And I will leave you with……

This VERY important reference document.

I’m off to Maui, brah.

Tara Reids and Tara Reids, It’s Mutherfucking Hater Tuesday.


In other news this tumblr is awesome!

“Do you know where this is? I think I left my pants there when I picked up that blow. ”

“THIS BITCH!….She keeps sucking down all the shots….I put on my good club pants for THIS?”

Team Work!

“ummmmmmmmmm…., do you think anyone can see my vagina? i promised TMZ i’d wag it around while I was here”

“MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Stoooooooop it! Everyone is looking at us!”


Rosé with ice cubes for the win!