Hipster Dudes in Shorts & Hats  – If I see one more dude like this I’m going to start punching pregnant ladies in the belly until they promise to not raise anymore hipster DBs. On the real, why does every fucking hipster douche from here to NYC want to look like mutherfucking Huck Finn?

Birthday Sex What the fuck kinda hook is, “Birthday sex…..lemmehitthatgspot…..birthday sex …..lemmehitthatgspot…..birthday sex..”? Not to be a craggy old lady but, what the fuck ever happened to using a good metaphor? It’s like they don’t even teach that shit anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to HELLA dirty rap…but that’s rap. It’s hard (unless you listen to some softhands bullshit or are still fucking with that conscious shit – loosen up your backpack son!), it’s abrasive, than language works in that capacity. R&B is supposed to be smooth…it’s all about setting the stage for sexy times without being overtly sexy. R&B should be the equivalent of giving someone the fuck me eyes  from across the room. Shit is alluring, shit is smooth, shit is magic. Luther, Barry, Marvin all killed the game by simply implying a good dicking. Mutherfuckers didn’t need to be spelling that shit out.  The just lived it. These young cats need to step back and soak up game. Mr. Obvious is not a good look. Somone holler at Pretty Ricky too. Dick flapping shit ain’t cute Young cats get learned -Bitches swoon on Marvin Gaye

Beyoncé – Enough with the leotards, hip jerking, hair flipping and the dramatic black and white. Shit is getting old. You are playing yourself out faster than Hype’s fisheye lens. New concept needed. PS. A diva is NOT a female version of a hustler.

Genre blending - I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t like my rap with my rock or my reggae with my rap or my metal with my rap or anything with my rap. I like rap with my rap. I like metal with my metal and I fucking hate reggae so whatever with that church. This fuckery here drives me to insanity. WTF 40? Seriously, WTF!

Player of the Week(s): Berkeley Hippies.

Seriously. Who else would try and turn a CRX into a fucking mobile home? You know this mutherfucker doesn’t live in SF. Where the fuck would you park this piece of shit without it getting broke into and turned into a bum motel or tagged to shit by the Lords crew?