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WTF California?

As Patton Oswalt said, “As of today, California is less progressive than Iowa. Fucking Iowa. Good job, right-wing Christian dipshits.” I really couldn’t have said it better myself.

Today all of my hate will be pointed directly at the right-wing Christian dipshits who can’t grasp the concept of Equality. I’m not a huge fan of violence but on the real fucking some shit up today might make a difference.

Hater Tuesday is back. The site has been dormant for months but now it’s on and fittin’ to pop off. Funkybiznatch is preparing lots of fresh hate. I’ll be back with your regularly scheduled weekly hate each and every Tuesday starting next week with a special travel edition: Funkybitch Takes Manhattan.

I’m having some renovations done here so please be patient with me and my bros in technology as we get this shit worked out. Big shots out to Club Thrill A Minute for helping to bring this baby back to life. Seriously, couldn’t do it without you guys.

Just a heads up, you will probably need to re-register. We lost our email list/directory. You probably don’t even remember your pass word so who cares.

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