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SergDun from Beer & Rap told me last night that I am “a lazy hater”. Wednesday Brolin Winning of told asked me how I was and before I could say “You know…busy…good” he goes, “Besides not updating Hater Tuesday”

Im not so much lazy as I am busy but that’s a boring excuse.

Fresh hate is brewing…will be served piping hot come Tuesday.

fer real.

swear it.

i mean fer reals.



in the meantime here are some awesome free mp3s -


Download “Gutterfly” (mp3)
from “Gutterfly”
by Lifesavas
Quannum Projects

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Drop the Axe

Download “Up With Hope, Down With Dope” (mp3)
from “Drop the Axe”
by 1 Cause 1 Effect
Bringemback Records

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Fully Loaded

Download “It’s Not Your Money” (mp3)
from “Fully Loaded”
by Oaktown 357
Bringemback Records

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Download “Sugar” (mp3)
from “Retired”
by Sacred Hoop
The Hoop, LLC

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Go Hogwild

Download “Bartender” (mp3)
from “Go Hogwild”
by Sacred Hoop
The Hoop, LLC

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Fubs and Chubs It’s Mutherfucking Hater Tuesday…

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The job has me in mad stress time right now. I’ve got plenty of hate brewed but not enough time to shape it into the quality hate you folks come here for. I’m working on a nice juicy update for Tuesday. Until then enjoy this beautiful graphic and think of me.

Oh also watch this and then try not to vomit or be filled with rage. If anyone has the balls to post something like “I didn’t think it was that bad” you better start watching your back. If I know you personally I can’t promise I won’t kick you in the cunt/nutz next time I see you for being a dumbass and fooling me into thinking your were a cool enough person to kick it with.

Some dumb ho over at A Socialite’s Life wrote “I dislike Fergie, but she managed to pull off the song rather well.” That’s like me saying “I dislike anal sex, but with lube it was tolerable”

For the record it is NEVER okay to sing a Dolly Parton song unless you know you can do it justice. Seriously.


I’ve been hating Fergie since I saw her fugly ass on that “Where is the Love” video on MTV Jams in the summer of ’03 or ’04, when someone at the Interscope A&R department decided to start giving a fuck about Black Eyed Peas. I thought she might go away or at least play second fiddle a little while longer before weilding her “lovely humps” all over the place and fucking up potentially okay main stream rap music. I was wrong.

For the record, “My Humps” tops my list of the worst songs ever written.

I saw this today and my jaw fell wide open. Unless Alanis is saying things like, “Hey Alistar, I don’t know!!” and then being covered in green slime, my threshold for tolerance of her and her voice is little to none.

This is the new exception. This shit is hilarious (even with implied irony which usually annoys the shit out of me) as long as she doesn’t start a habit of recording ironic versions of pop hits as a new career path me and Alanis might be okay.