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In this age of bloggery, there is so much hubbub about downloading, ripping, stealing, sharing whatever you want to call it of music online. There are many, many, many blogs that are dedicated purely to music and sharing mp3s. Most of them are awesome and legit, providing artist and labels new ways of spreading buzz about new albums or old albums for that matter. Personally, I see mp3 blogs as the wave of the future. Mp3 blogs are frequented by music freaks who purchase music as well as support the industry in other ways like shows, merch, general tastemaking. If you have these nerds, err tastemakers in your corner chances are your project is a few steps ahead of the game and if that means you have to leak a few mp3s in the meantime why not? Granted there is a bit of grey area, mainly when is it okay to burn an entire album as opposed to simply a song? Well that is a slippery one. Some say you should never rip entire albums. Some say it’s just fine as long as you go to the show and buy merch. Some say it’s fine to rip entire albums as long as it is out of print or rare. Some say you should never rip anything not even a song. Everyone has an opinion. I am a little all over the place. As a person who makes their living from the production and distribution of independent music, I am opposed to ripping of entire albums even if you go to the show and buy merch. But, I feel like a song here, a song there, it’s no skin of my tits and most likely it will drive you to buy the album if you liked the song enough.
Anyhoo, what spawned all this legit, non sarcastic, not hate filled post? Well it was this little flow chart. I like it. I think it is a nice little thought process and may help some of you that have a hard time doing the right thing.

Some mp3 blogs you should check out and listen to:

Music For Robots Easily one of the most influential mp3 blogs. Can be a little heavy on the hipster stuff though.
Scissor Kick NY hipster shit like hella, but does come through with some nice soul gems
The Suburbs Are Killing Us A little to heavy on the dub and jamaican side but they have some cool hip hop and other sample related stuff here.
Cocaine Blunts and Tapes Straight hip hop yo. This dude comes through with classic shit and stuff that i forgot about or never heard to begin with. Hip Hop nerd heavy.
Soul Sides And you thought you liked rare funk and soul? Well O Dub’s knowledge of all things funk and funk related will rule all over you. If you talk shit his record collection will spawn feet and then proceed to trample your punk ass.
Stereo Gum This is one is fun cause it is mp3 blog AND a Britney diss machine. The mp3s are a little on the indi steez but we all need a little new love in our lives.
Moistworks Kind of random and all over the place musically. I just found this one so I am not sure what his steez is.

P.S. If I catch any of you bitches ripping any of our albums you are fucking toast. TOAST you hear me?


Fuck me. I have been trying to get my hate flowing all day, but I keep getting interrupted by work. WTF? It’s fucking Tuesday which means it is my time to hate. My time, dammit.

So here I am late in the day trying to sneak in my hatin’.

HEAT: I live in SF for several reasons. The primary reason being the weather. SF has scorned me this week by reaching temperatures in the mid 90s. That’s some bullshit. It is not supposed to be that hot here. Sure the East Bay can get some sun like that but here in SF I am suppose to have some damned ocean breeze. Fucking fiery ball in the sky, fuck you guy.

BURNING MAN: Fucking hippies. Fucking weekend raver hippies. Fucking art fags. Fucking acid freaks. Goddamned naked people. You can all keep your fucking dust and no running water playing naked in the sand selves out in that damned desert as long as you want. Don’t even try to tell me how great it was. Don’t tell me about the epic night where the stars aligned and you saw your future in the eyes of some girl with sunflowers painted on her tits. Don’t even attempt to tell me how “it’s normally not your thing but now that you’ve experienced it you will go every year until you die” cause it was just that great. You know why? Cause I don’t give a fuck. Yep that’s right I don’t fucking care. Not even a little bit. Next year don’t come back. The city is better without you.

STARBUCKS; Yes I know it is a little passe to hate on Starbucks but my hate this week is directly pointed at their bullshitty sandwhiches. They sent me a coupon to try one of their sammy’s for free with purchase of a drink. Since Starbucks is the only coffee shop in this hood and Whole Foods still has not learned the meaning of medium roast I have no choice but to get my caff fix from them. Anyhoo, I tried a sammy and basically it was the worst tasting thing ever. Thanks to the lame coupon and my busy day I had a bag of chips for lunch. MMMMM healthy. Now I have heart burn and a bad attitude. Well, I guess I can’t blame the attitude on them, but you feel me.

RADIO JOCKS: If I have to talk to one more radio dj and say something like, “yeah man, it’s a banger” I am going to punch myself in the face.

STREET CLEANING: I like a clean street as much as the next guy, but there is nothing worse than waking up and realizing that your car is parked on the street that gets sweeped that night. I had to put on a bathrobe and go move my car last night at like 3:30 am, after waking out of a drunken sleep. It was pretty sweet.

DEATH: While I understand it is a part of life, it bums me out. Our beloved shit bag Magic Johnson (the cat not the man) died this weekend. Granted he was about thirteen million years old and we were all prepared for his departure but you can never be ready to see a loved one go. RIP Magic, you little ash eater you.

shit bag


Tara Ried
Tara,Tara,Tara …I know you wanted tits and now you have them. Congratulations. Now let’s work on you not showing them to me. These are quite possibly the ugliest boobs I have ever seen in my life. My favorite part is how the left one looks all angry cause it’s stretched to shit and it’s not even a month old yet. PS. Eat something. If you are confused by this sentence, take a look at the bar a little closer. See those bowls with the twisty things in them, those are pretzels, try one.

Britney Spears
Britney, nice to see you stepping out on the town. Next time why don’t you try a little bit harder. Ironing on some hair extensions, over tanning and shaking out a pair of panties does not cultivate look and or style. PS. You have a little bit of Cheeto dust on your mouth, no on the left, yes, there.