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America, the beautiful?

Let me begin by stating, I am not an overtly political person. I do take note of the political issues, controversies and I do have a political mind. However, I choose not to speak on it to frequently as it opens up a world of conversations that often annoy and frustrate me. Today, I am going to remove my veil of apathy and speak out for a moment. I have been watching the DNC here and there listening to the speeches and watching all the propaganda and had not really been moved by anyone until last night. I watched Barack Obama speak and was really impressed. He is a pretty dynamic young man with a lot of positive things to say. The thing that really got me was how sincere he was. I mean I believed him when he said the normal cheesy shit like, “If there is a child on the South Side of Chicago that cannot read, I am concerned even if it is not my child” or “If there is an elderly woman who cannot afford to pay for her perscriptions, I am concerned even if she is not my grandmother”. There was an element of conviction in his voice and a there is a genuineness about his facial features that just makes me think, “Dude is for real”

I do not doubt that he will win his Senate seat for the state of Illinois. If he looses (that is if the Republican party can find a replacement for the dude who dropped out because of a sex scandal…see I told you I pay attention) I will be terribly upset and surprised because it will basically means that Illinois is full of racist farks who can’t see past the color of his skin.

Anyhoo Obamy…which is what I am going to call him from now on has his own bloggy….

In other news, Kimora Lee Simmons got busted for getting high and driving fast. I am glad to see that she likes to get high and drive like the rest of us…

Chris Rock has written a spoof album that pokes fun at the current political landscape as well as old favorites like oppression, racial tension and social injustice. I bet it will be funny. It better be.

And I will leave you with this:

Ms. Love has been sentenced to mandatory rehab. Upon exiting the courtroom she blessed the press with some printable gems. When asked about her sentencing she replied, “Well, let’s see, America. Can I stop taking pills?”. What a champ! She then went on to say, “I’ve got to stop drinking. This is funny. I mean, it’s not funny at all. It’s profound. It’s deep. But I wanted to know if you think I can do it. I think I can do it.” Now that is what I call class. God bless Coutney Love.

Dang. Paris and Nick are over? Man, I really though those two had something real. I mean how often is it that two marginally talented singer/actors meet and fall in love? A love like theirs only happens once maybe twice if your lucky or have a good publicist. Thier relationship gave me hope. I would see them and think, “Maybe one day it will happen to me!”

On the bright side, at least Paris will start tramping around again. With Courtney in the looney bin, Britney getting hitched and Christina balding there is simply not enough trampiness going on around here.

We need a need a new celeb whore and we need her quick.

Sorry about your luck!

I hope she looks good in stripes cause Martha’s going to jail…