Blog shmog. Everyone has their collective panties in a bunch about the whole “Blogging” phenom. Personally, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I suppose folks, and by folks I mean hipsters, techie freaks and music nerds, are thrilled that there is an open forum/market for them to express their wisdom, expertise and otherwise verbally stroke each other on a daily basis regardless of geographical location.

Hmm where does that put me? Well I am not going to lie. I am a music nerd and an asshole. I get off on knowing about shit (music, movies, books, celeb goss ect.) before other people do. I pride myself of my vast knowledge of the current musical landscape. I know famous people (even though I don’t like most of them). I don’t pay for live music (or recorded music for that matter) very much anymore ( send promos and advances to 690 Fifth Street Suite 208 SF CA 94107 ) and I rarely sit anywhere but in VIP because of my work connections. Damn, I sound like an asshole…but what are you gonna do? At least I am honest.

Ah, honesty. Honesty is the one thing I relish. Be it brutal honesty or carefully articulated honesty, I don’t fuck around. If you want the strait dope, I am your girl. With that said, a bulk of my posts will admitabley be derogatory or overwhelmingly emphatic about some person, place or thing that catches my attention. I am an admitted misanthrope. In general, people irritate me and I frequently find myself saying, “I hate everyone”. I gain enjoyment in other people’s tragedies, misconceptions, sexual deviations and other calamities. Hell that is why I decided to hop on the blog wagon.

I have been posting privately at another place for the last 4 years. I created something called Hater Tuesday. It spawned as a result of my daily rage towards stupid people and things. I decided that I should cull all that rage into a massive hate filled post once a week so that my journal would not be so damned negative. Recently, I have found myself anticipating Tuesdays just so I can post nasty stuff and call people out. Now I am here. You will all be able to wade in the hate filled waters of my bloggery. Bloggery. That is kind of fun to say.

Anyhoo, this has been your introduction. I could give two shits if you liked it or not. I liked it and that is all the fucking matters. Stay tuned for more hateration. And remember, you ain’t gatta lie to kick it. Be real people.

funkybiznatch out.