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This blog was my baby. It was the training wheels, I needed to evolve to the performer I am now.

I’m so grateful to each and every person that’s read this blog over the 10+ years I’ve written it. I’ve inspired a generation of haters. Google Hater Tuesday see for yourself.

All good things must come to an end.

I mean it’s not OVER but it’s beyond sporadic.

Now I say things OUT LOUD on stages. I perform stand up comedy and share my hate as many nights a week as humanly possible.

You can some out and see me whenever you like. Shows and information about me can be found at

You can also follow me on Twitter where I hate nearly every single day and extra hard on Tuesdays.

TWITTER – @hatertuesday

Ladies & Gentlemen, It’s Mutherfucking Hater Tuesday!

Miley, Miley, Miley!

Mutherfuckers got that Miley fever. Everyone is up in arms about Miley Cyrus not wearing pants, “twerking” and fraternizing with rappers.  Guess what, she’s 20. Thats what happens when you’re 20. You test your limits. You get shitty haircuts, wear too much make up and put together questionable outfits. But she got that Hannah Montana skrilla so she’s doin’ it extra large.  I say leave Miley alone. Let her get freaky. At the end of the day she’s the one that has to look Dolly Parton in the eye and be proud of who she is.

She’s going for it… she ain’t worried bout nothin’

Also you know you just jealous … who DOESN’T want to hang out with ALL the rappers?

Thematic 5Ks

My Facebook feed is inundated with viral marketing for The Color Run, Tough Mudder, Blacklight Run, Zombie Run, Bad Prom Run. You fucking name it, there’s a thematic 5K based on it. That’s the only way to get Americana to exercise publicly. Involve an opportunity to dress up like an asshole and consume alcohol at sunrise and mutherfuckers show out. The worst part is on Monday fools be like, “Yeah…I ran a 5K this weekend. It’s the third one this year.” Mmmmhmmm. Sure, you did.

Nerd Nerd

OMG I’m such a nerd nerd. Nerd? I mean nerd. Like, I’ve been nerd before nerd was even nerd. You nerd? Total nerd.

Ladies & Gentlemen, It’s Mutherfucking Hater Tuesday!

The Internet is RUINING My Life Edition

Anyone else feel like they are on an endless internet hamster wheel of Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and YouTube? By the time I finish checking all my shit it’s time to check all my shit again.

And it’s not like I’m getting VITAL news. Or gaining life changing wisdom. This week I present you with a selection of things that are contributing to the jelly-fication of my grey matter.


Instagram reminds me EVERYDAY that this country is on High Alert, Level ORANGE on the Ratchet Infestation Scale.

Please, fathers love your daughters. Your attention today can save everyone from the ratchet realness below, tomorrow.

and this….

Googlin’ Stuff

It’s official. I’m turning into my mother. These are screencaps of shit I ACTUALLY googled in the past few weeks.

You know you are curious. Click here for the answer to this burning question (pun intended).


I can’t stop watching Riff Raff vines. It’s my official new happy place. I’ve resigned myself to accept his genius. I mean come on, Rap Game Gwen Stefani?


My brother and I have been actively involved in an ongoing Twitter war for quite sometime now. He is infuriated that I have nearly 6 times the amount of followers that he has. His jealousy of my Twittership forces him to act out online, which forces me to retaliate. Ultimately he maintains that my Twitter is fluff and his is substance. I maintain that Twitter is fluff and therefore I rule the Twitterverse in the Popovich family.

I mean last time I checked a bunch of comic book dudes, wrestling weirdos and IRL people follow my brother. Two weeks ago, Lil B followed me. I rest my case.

I’m NEARLY to 666, so please for the love of Lucifer follow me if you aren’t already.

Inbox Gold

People email me pictures, links and all kinds of things they hate on. Most of them are kinda dumb or already well covered. Other times they are gold. GOLD. I try to write a little something and then I file it for when I need something to post. Because we live in a digital age (and I’m a moron) sometimes files are unexpectedly lost. I thought this was one of the goners. Tonight, I found it. I feel like it’s still worth it. If it’s not. I’m sorry.




Promotions, promotions, promotions. I wish that people would learn how to filter friends by geographical location and relationship so that I could stop getting invites from the 500 comics I know. I mean I’m a comic. I don’t invite other comics unless they are performing or I’m pals with them and actually would like to see their faces in the audience for support.

Then there’s all the weird spam and cookie based advertising that creeps everyone out and the “other” messages that show up out of no where from people in strange places who don’t know how to use consonants when they type. Most of these people also confuse numbers with letters.

This is like MySpace all over again.


I AM headlining a show at San Francisco Punch Line on July 23. It’s gonna be me and a bunch of pals that make ME laugh making YOU laugh. Tickets are on sale now.

Check out the event info on Facebook.

I also host an all women’s stand up showcase at the dopest bar in Oakland, The Layover. Check out our event on Facebook OR Tumblr.

So yeah man…the internet.